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How to open fuse plug christmas lights full version

Let me add this to the beginning of this I made some very large safety mistakes in this There are some things are are fine That being said everything here works, and was very educational for me. With a few minor changes you can amke this functional AND safe. Thank you.

I am very new to Arduino, but am having a lot of fun with it!!! After finishing the animatronics for my office Christmas float I decided to make some automated Christmas lights. I know this has been done many times online, but I think this shows the best, easiest, and cheapest of some of the different ways I have found.

Most of this deals with the electrical box. I didn't take pictures of the cable build, so it is all in one step, but there is a lot there. Also the software and a MP3 is at the end. Let me know if you have any questions. You don't want to be switching the neutral on and off and constantly pushing electrons down the other lines the hot.

Any leak, insulation damage, or whatever else will results in leaking electrons So make sure the lines that are being switched are the hot lines, not the neutral. I have keep this the same wrong way so as not to cause more confusion with the colors.

If you are doing this I am going to assume you can make this switch without too much problem. Just make sure you are switching the hot, not the neutral. Here is everything you will need for this project. From left to right: Arduino. I went with the Mega because I wanted to be able to control more lights. With the mega I effectively can control as many as I want not hundred, but dozens.

If you want to go this way make sure you check out the differences in building the Wave Shield for the Mega as opposed for the Uno.Your question may be answered by sellers, manufacturers, or customers who purchased this item, who are all part of the Amazon community.

how to open fuse plug christmas lights full version

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How to fix LED Christmas lights

Add all three to Cart Add all three to List. Customers who viewed this item also viewed. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1.You know, the kind with the pre-lit Christmas tree lights? Well, it was wonderful for the first five years. Then, a few years ago the lights began to gradually twinkle out.

That means that I make a small commission from sales that result through these links, at no additional cost to you. You can read my full disclosure here. So, after spending hours trying to find and replace the burnt out bulbs, and after checking all the fuses, I was about to give up. Luckily, that got me through the Christmas season, but it was still a struggle. With me having to constantly get the gun out and click multiple lights every day, only to have to do it all over again the next day, I decided no more.

The lights had to be replaced. When I unpacked the tree this year, I knew that I had a project ahead of me. My tree was still in very good shape, but the plus lights were shot. I guess I could have just bought a new pre-lit tree, but mine cost a pretty penny. Even with replacing the old lights with all LEDs, I would still be spending less than half the cost to replace the tree. So, LED lights it is! I looked long and hard before deciding on a GE brand in soft white.

Of course, a LEDs soft light is nowhere near as soft as the old incandescent bulbs. But, at least they do not have that bluish tint that the regular LEDs have. To be precise, the lights that I used were the GE warm white in the green packaging. However, regardless of the brand that you choose, the most important is to be consistent. If you need five strands, make sure all five are the same brand, style, and color temp.

Otherwise, your tree will look funky.

how to open fuse plug christmas lights full version

Also, if your tree comes in sections like mine, you will likely need a brand that comes in both lights and 50 or lights per strand. Where to begin? Oh, yeah. Mine has five sections. Now, remove all of the old lights. Since I felt that mine were pretty much useless, I am using wire snips to cut through the jumble of crisscrossed wires that make up my trees old lighting system. Be prepared to spend an entire afternoon just taking all the old lights off.I did it down low so as not to jam the screwdriver into my palm.

There you go. So you might have to, again, I would suggest you use a little stubby screwdriver.

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You may have to work that back and forth. But that is exactly what that looks like. There we go. Did it again. So hopefully this answers the burning question of exactly what it looks like to get that door open, and I hope you have good luck fixing your Christmas lights. Thanks so much for stopping by. Your email address will not be published. Attachment The maximum upload file size: 5 MB. You can upload: imageaudiovideodocumentspreadsheetinteractivetextarchivecodeother.

Links to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and other services inserted in the comment text will be automatically embedded. We love a fun project for Halloween!

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Flashing light strings are always a big hit on Christmas trees and projects. An easy way to add twinkle, the solution may already be in the little cellophane envelope that came with your set of Read More. Shellie Aside from throwing dinner parties that feature at least two kinds of cheese dip, Shellie's passions include travel, Mid-Century Modern furnishings and finding the perfect street taco.

Has been known to snort laugh champagne. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Installing lights along a fence line! Time lapse of a fun, quick project.

How to Troubleshoot and Repair Holiday Christmas Lights

June 29, Coleslaw for Every Occassion!! June 10, Easy Beer Bread using standard flour March 27, Squirrels and Christmas Lights September 30, Decorating your home with Christmas lights is a wonderful way to bring out the festive atmosphere of the holidays.

Their warmth and brilliance provide the finishing touch to your overall theme for the season. There are several factors to consider and steps to take when hanging Christmas lights. To help with this process, we have created a comprehensive guide to installing indoor and outdoor lights that will complete your holiday look.

Not all Christmas lights are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, so you have to determine first where you'll be hanging them.

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For instance, if you need them for your backyard where they would be exposed to the elements, you would have to make sure that they are safe for outdoor use. Choosing between clear and multicolored lights is simply a matter of preference and decorating style. Multicolored lights, on the other hand, are great for adding pops of color and creating a playful atmosphere in a space. There are three types of Christmas lights and each has its own advantages, depending on your style and needs.

how to open fuse plug christmas lights full version

The names C6, C7 and C9 refer to the sizes of the bulbs: C6 are an inch long, while C7 and C9s are two inches and three inches long, respectively. Available in a variety of colors, these lights are known for their long-lasting brilliance. Each bulb has its own socket, preventing the whole string from going out if one bulb breaks. They are ideal for outdoor use. Commonly referred to as "mini lights," these bulbs are smaller than C7s and C9s, and come in various shapes and sizes. These are ideal for Christmas trees, wreaths, and garlands.

LED mini-lights not only come in various colors, shapes, and sizes, but are also durable and designed to emit a more soothing radiance. LEDs are also cooler since they're constructed with metal sinks that immediately dissipate heat.

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Some types also have special features, like Balsam Hill's Candlelight LED lights, which pairs the traditional glow of an incandescent mini-light with the energy efficiency of an LED bulb. These are ideal for both outdoor and indoor use. Measuring the space will help you determine how many light strings you need to purchase. Determine the length of the space where the lights will be installed, then compare this with the length of the light strings. If the length of the space is feet, for instance, then you need to get at least five light strands or three light strands.Before throwing those strings of lights away and buying new ones, take some time to examine and fix them if possible.

Here's an easy troubleshooting process for checking your strings of Christmas lights and fixing them if they are faulty. It sounds too simple to be true, but surprisingly often, problems with a string of lights have nothing to do with the lights.

When testing lights, start by making sure you're plugging them into an outlet that's carrying power. If the string of lights appears dead, there's always the chance that the circuit's breaker has tripped and isn't providing an electrical current to the outlet.

Check the main service panel to make sure the circuit breaker is in the ON position, and reset it if it has tripped. Slide this door open, pry out the small glass fuse and examine it closely.

Some light strings may have two fuses; examine them both. It's usually possible to see a break in the small metal filament inside the glass fuse if it has burned out. If the fuse is bad, replace it with a duplicate of exactly the same size and rating. Electronics stores or hardware stores sell a variety of replacement fuses. A fuse can also be checked using a common electrician's tool called an ohm meter. The goal is to test the fuse for continuity—if the fuse is operating correctly, the fuse will show no resistance.

Very often, the problem is with individual light bulbs in the string. This is easy to spot in some light strings because you can spot the individual bulbs that have gone dark. Sometimes the light bulbs will simply be loose in their sockets—just pressing them firmly in place sometimes restores the function. In older lights strings, though, a single dead bulb may cause the entire string to go dark. Here, it can be quite time-consuming to replace individual bulbs until you find the culprit causing the problem.

There are different types of testers available, including "touchless" models that you simply hold close to each individual bulb to identify if it is bad. With other tools, you remove individual bulbs and slide the plug portion into a small socket on the tool to test it.

If none of the individual bulbs are faulty but the light string still refuses to light up, there is a chance the shunt wires in the light string are faulty. When working correctly, there is a wire shunt in the string that bypasses each of the individual light bulb sockets. This is designed so that power continues to flow when an individual bulb is burned out.

But if the shunt wire itself is faulty, the light string will fail to operate correctly. The Lightkeeper Pro is a trigger-operated tool that sends a pulse of current through the light string to identify the faulty light bulb and repair the shunt. The tool comes in a kit form that includes extra light bulbs, a continuity tester, and even a battery tester for testing various batteries. If you have old strings of incandescent holiday lights, they may generate considerable heat. Because new styles of holiday lights are very affordable, it is a good idea to get rid of old incandescent lights that may pose a risk of fire.

These lights are especially dangerous if you decorate with a natural evergreen tree or pine boughs that can become tinder dry.


If your holiday lights get painfully hot to the touch, you are well-advised to replace them with strings of cool LED lights. Tip A fuse can also be checked using a common electrician's tool called an ohm meter. Warning If you have old strings of incandescent holiday lights, they may generate considerable heat.

Related Topics. Electrical Repair.LED string lights last a long time and will sometimes out last the fuse so checking to see if the LED light string fuse has failed can save your set of lights. It is quick and easy to change Christmas light fuses and get your holiday decorating back on track.

Important Note: Always unplug your Christmas lights before attempting to examine or change a fuse. Find the replacement fuses in a small plastic bag attached to the female end of your light strand. The fuse compartment will then be on the male end of your light strand.

Take the male end of the strand and press down with your fingernail or a flat screwdriver, pushing forward towards the prongs. Remove both fuses. The fuses may just gently fall into your hand, if not, you should try gently tapping the plug against your hand. Holiday LEDs has created a guide to help you solve this problem and get your tree looking its best.

Pre-lit Christmas Tree Lights Repair/Replace

Start by measuring the height of your tree. You want to measure from the top point of the tree all the way down to the base, ignoring the height of the trunk. Find the size of your tree and the type of light you are using on the chart below.

C7 or C9 Bulb Shapes. M5 lights are the mini lights you may be familiar with. G12 bulbs are raspberry shaped.

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C6 bulbs are strawberry shaped. C7 and C9 bulbs have the traditional shape you might have grown up with—larger than the strawberry-shaped C6, with the C9 the largest of all. C7 and C9 come in string light versions as well as replacement bulbs.

We have a large selection of replacement bulbs and accessories. Visit our home page for LED Christmas Lights and all the accessories you will need to complete your decorating! You must be logged in to post a comment. The top will slide open revealing two fuses. Insert the new fuses. Slide the little fuse compartment door closed. You are now ready to enjoy your light strand once again. Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment.


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